Oh Dear Silvia by Dawn French


Yes. Oh Dear is definitely something I thought while I was reading this book. Which, by the way, arrived on my shelf without me knowing how. I asked my mother, who is usually the one who gives me books, and she’s never seen it before.

Lucky her.

Because this book is a poor excuse for a best seller – on that note: seriously? A bestseller? Who decided this: some desperate and depressed housewife (or househusband?!) that had never read anything else in her (or his) life?

The book is about (no spoilers here) a woman in coma. As she lies there in the hospital bed, people come to see her and they talk and talk and talk, having been told that she can hear them. Her ex-husband. Her sister. Her cleaning lady. Her best friend.

We discover her relationship with all these people (and more) and slowly an underlying story of abuse and neglect surfaces. Which would have been interesting and possibly original if the story of abuse and neglect hadn’t been so obvious and unoriginal right from the beginning.

I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you, but honestly – there’s nothing to read here. Since I like to judge a book by its effect on my morning and evening commute, let me tell you this: there were times in which I preferred to play Ruzzle rather than continue this boring, endless story. Don’t spend your money or your time on this book, please.

Oh, and one more thing that seriously got on my nerves was the continuous (and when I say continuous, it means every two or three pages) habit of the author to underline important words in the text. For example:

I’m not giving up on you. There’ll be something that wakes you up. I’ve just got to find it darling, that’s all.

And, worse, sometimes the underlined word would be in CAPITAL LETTERS. You just don’t do that.

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