Category: Italy

Barcolana Time!

have you ever been?


San Francesco

My favourite church in the world


A lovely getaway

Fog Riders

what an experience!

Adriatic Fog

It was eerily beautiful

La Fontana di Trevi

Simply spectacular.

A ball of fluff

A beautiful experience

The sea from a train

When I opened my eyes, this is what I saw.

City slickers

Escaping from the city for the day

The Pangolin Ring

The pangolin-inspired ring. But it’s a secret, no one knows.

The white rabbit

I was in my hometown in Italy, at my favourite bakery, which also happens to be one of my good friend’s. It was dark outside (unfortunately quite common in winter…isn’t it awful how little light there is during the winter in the northern hemisphere?!)…

Razzismo inconscio?

C’era un ragazzo in treno che dormiva. Jeans lunghi, scarponcini, polo. Rasato, capelli corti curati, di colore. Ce n’era un’altro, che dormiva, di circa la stessa età del primo. Pantaloncini corti, t-shirt, rasato, capelli di media lunghezza curati, bianco. Passa il controllore. Sveglia entrambi…