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Narbonne’s Cathedral’s Stained Glass

and a statue, too

Inside Narbonne’s Cathedral

the candles..

Narbonne’s Cathedral

Four of the best photos


in black and white

San Francesco

My favourite church in the world


The cathedral is in this post. Just saying.

Remembering the cold

It was cold and snowy and 100% worthwhile!

The church

What a view

Rumbo al Norte – The Grand Finale (part II)

this is the one with the deer and Saint Mary of the Swimming Pool, in case you were wondering

Rumbo al Norte – Day 8: coloured churches

Two coloured buildings in he middle of nowhere

Rumbo al Norte – Day 6: Santa Maria del Naranco

Not so colourful. But majestic!

Rumbo al Norte – Day 2

We discovered an amazing Saint we had never heard about

A Random Sunday Part II

What we did after the market


I’m currently going to a gym. It’s a new kind of gym: very small, women-only, slow-but-constant concept sort of thing. I usually go about three times a week and am quite proud of myself. This morning I was in the changing room. The doors… Continue Reading “Undressed”