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in black and white


in black and white


in black and white


in black and white


in black and white


in black and white

The Mosque.

In black and white

B&W Fish

sardines, to be precise


New Year’s resolution

Wishes on Christmas Eve

Some good advice


in Rome

Powder Puff

This post was published on the 12th of the 12th at 12:12. Just saying.


Driving fast and dusty

Finally Fall

…and winter is just around the corner

Stars for sale

And I didn’t buy them

French Sardines under the Snow

In black and white, of course

Soaring Stork

A story, a push and some adjectives

Long Nose Silver

The longest, most elegant nose I’ve ever seen

Paris on t’aime. Même en hiver.

One never sees Paris for the first time; one always sees it again… Edmondo de Amicis The timeless Paris. Paris is always the same. Nothing changes in Paris. This post is, clearly, about Paris. And its everlasting-ness. We went back to the french capital… Continue Reading “Paris on t’aime. Même en hiver.”