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My Book!

and yes, it’s about otters 😉

Rumbo al Norte – Day 4: flora and fauna of Cies

The joys of a Naturalist that finds herself in a natural park surrounded by her favourite thing: nature.

Soaring Stork

A story, a push and some adjectives

Sketching Otters

Did you know that I love otters?

Mini Otter Zen Gardens

Maybe one of the cutest ideas I’ve ever had

The dam

When we went to the Valle del Jerte, we also stopped to check out this dam.

Otter totems

Creating creating and creating some more!

Otters otters everywhere!

They’re invading our house!

Gone Ottering

I’m going to Brazil. Rio, to be more specific, then Palmas, looking for otters.     Wait for me… …I’ll definitely be back. With cazillions of photos!

Little pockets of happiness

Sometimes everything seems to go wrong. And then the cupcakes you make for Valentine’s day come out right. And you make the yummiest duck breast-pear-pine nut salad. And you paint the otter you’ve been wanting to paint for as long as you can remember.… Continue Reading “Little pockets of happiness”