Otters otters everywhere!

This is going to sound like a strange start to a post, but …

I hate brushing my teeth. However, I hate going to the dentist even more. Last time I was there, I was complimented on how well my teeth were kept but I was told to not wait another 5 years before returning. I would have to return every year. And I thought “oh god no.” And came back home, where I suddenly realised that my trustworthy toothbrush friend had, tragically, reached the end of his useful life. At which my mother offered to give me an electric toothbrush that had lain, unused, in the house for about a year. I took it, just to try, and … voilà! Fell in love! Oh! how well it cleans! Oh, how amazing it is! Oh! how little work do I have to do!

Boyfriend also has an electric toothbrush, and the head detaches from the body (so you can buy a new head when it becomes old), so we decided to use one body and two heads (this post is getting stranger and stranger…but please bear with me, otters are coming soon!).

And here sprung The Problem (definitely a first world problem!), illustrated in this photo:


Then, the solution: a few months ago I made some sleeping clay otters. They were a success, and later I made more, for friends, family and people that bought them from me. Boyfriend, remembering this, said

“hey, why don’t you make some sleeping otters to hold the toothbrush heads?”

And so it came to be.

sleeping otters, painted and ready to help hold the toothbrush heads.
I couldn’t just put one photo, I am totally in love with these little things!


et voilà!


And on the plus side….they make brushing my teeth so much more enjoyable!



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