Category: Arts&Crafts

Doodling Pandas

and an Easter Penguin!

Mini Terrarium Makeover

I do love terrariums!

They’re here! 

finally 🙂

My Book!

and yes, it’s about otters 😉

Photo art

I liked this!

Ship Shadow Box

Improvised and splendid

Decoupaged tray

I love fish. Apparently.


Just sharing something I made

Making nailpolish flowers

Cute cute cute!

Painting Sunflowers

Something I created recently

Broken glass

I made this. What do you think?

Kingston’s genet

It’s earned its place in the living room.


Such a long time ago!


Makes me sleepy just looking at it

Bloomin’ Candleholders

Light. Flowers. Colour. What more could you want?

Sketching Otters

Did you know that I love otters?

A beetle

Because I’m still really proud of it, and still traumatised.

Mr & Mrs

Something I made for my cousin’s wedding last year

Otter totems

Creating creating and creating some more!

Plane Doodling

Going to Cuba. Even a direct flight is too long.