Painting Sunflowers

A few weeks ago I signed up for a painting event.

We were supposed to copy, with the help of an art teacher, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers (a variation on the theme). We were told, by the teacher, to feel free to paint anything we wanted, in any colour we wanted. We were told to surprise her.

I believe I did.

Salir con Arte painting
There I am, on the left, painting away with my pink sweater 🙂 Photo by Salir con Arte
Van Gogh
Photo by Salir con Arte

I started off wanting to put some purple. But purple doesn’t really match our house, which is all completely randomly blue and orange. Two colours that I have no feelings towards but that sortof just…happened. So I started with a nice sunset background and…….the painting did the rest.

Salir con Arte Van Gogh
Here I am, all smiley and tired after three hours of intensive painting. Photo by Salir con Arte



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