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Pinup Marghe

An experience that everyone should try 😉

Spider Web in the Fog

this is the last one and if you look closely you can see all the others, too 😉

Hermit Time

This one had the most beautiful shell

Spider Web in the Fog

the perfect web!

Hermit Time

I think I love hermit crabs!

Barcolana Time!

have you ever been?

Hermit Time

this one was more shy than the last

4 element brunch! I love brunch!

My favourite brunch is the one with lots of elements!

Hermit Time

Tiny little critters

Guacamole-stuffed tomatoes

a different take on a classic

3 original toppings for savoury pancakes

I can’t get enough of brunch!

Spider Web in the Fog

you can actually see the fog!

Changing 1 ingredient makes a world of difference

Arugula Pesto. Who knew?!

Fire-Crazed Catalunyians

not for the faint hearted

Poached, fried and scrambled = 3 way eggs!

with an avocado and tomato salad 🙂

Raw Zucchini Salad – 3 main ingredients for a summer delight!

I never realised that raw zucchini could be so good!

Orchid Madness

Singapore’s National Flower

Little iron flowers

the last post about this lovely little shop in Milan

Spider Web in the Fog

on a leaf

Macro Micro Shells

three of my favourite!