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Leftover chicken soup

Two people can’t finish a whole chicken, but a whole chicken can feed you for up to five meals! This is one way to use your leftover chicken.

4 element brunch! I love brunch!

My favourite brunch is the one with lots of elements!

Guacamole-stuffed tomatoes

a different take on a classic

3 original toppings for savoury pancakes

I can’t get enough of brunch!

Changing 1 ingredient makes a world of difference

Arugula Pesto. Who knew?!

Poached, fried and scrambled = 3 way eggs!

with an avocado and tomato salad 🙂

Sweet and Summery

Perfect for these last summer days

Raw Zucchini Salad – 3 main ingredients for a summer delight!

I never realised that raw zucchini could be so good!

3 leftover ingredients to make a whole new dish!

mmmmh….melted cheese……..

Salmon made easy, with 4 different sides!

So light and summery and beautiful!

Oven Baked Cipollini Onions

my favourite way of eating onions!

Quinoa and Salmon – 2 elements for the perfect stuffed zucchini

Light and easy, perfect for this warm summer we’re having!

You only need 6 ingredients for this healthy treat!

Tasty, Easy and Healthy. Perfect!

Octopus Quinoa

It’s great even served cold on a hot day at the beach!

Seafood Bisque

so thick and yummy!

Salmon Flowers

I really had fun making this – and so many variations are possible!

Scrambled Eggs

the best start to a day

Rice with creamy leftover chicken

easy easy and really tasty!

Asparagus cream

The wonders of a full freezer

Zucchini Bacon and Saffron, oh my!

Saffron is being used a lot in my kitchen recently