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3 original toppings for savoury pancakes

I can’t get enough of brunch!

Poached, fried and scrambled = 3 way eggs!

with an avocado and tomato salad 🙂

Scrambled Eggs

the best start to a day

Eggs and Spinach

more eggs!

Scrambled eggs with tomato sauce

I had forgotten how good this was!

Midnight snack

aka chicken-egg toast

My lunch

This is what I’m eating. Right now.  Sizzled bacon, buffalo mozzarella, an egg sprinkled with fresh basil, salt and pepper.  So good. 

Mini Breakfast Quiche

A new Sunday favourite

Watercress omelette

Leftovers, made stars.

The Sunny Red Egg Nest

I’ll give you a clue: there is rice, tomato and…an egg!

Scrambled eggs…with a twist.

I’m so hungry right now, just writing this post.

A walk in the woods

So simple that one photo is more than enough.

Breakfast, lunch brunch or dinner…this dish is great anytime!

so simple that one photo is more than enough

A duck egg with faux haggis

What to do when your butcher doesn’t sell pig’s blood?

DaEgg Code

The code that every conscious, ethical carnivore should know.

Magic Mayo

Truly magical

Eggs ‘n mushrooms

Eggs again, in a recipe as easy as easy can be!

leftovers food recipe christmas panettone eggs

An excellent solution

Eggs Benedict

Sunday Magic.