Scrambled eggs…with a twist.

Remember the fat that we kept from the roast duck in my previous post? Well yes. I used that instead of oil or butter. Which also helps not burn the scrambled eggs, because it starts boiling at a much lower temperature.

The taste is quite incredible! It gives the scrambled eggs a whole other dimension 🙂

Some tips:

  • Don’t mix the eggs beforehand
  • Crack them directly over the bubbling fat (if it’s oil, be careful not to overheat it)
  • Mix the eggs on the pan, adding salt and pepper as you go
  • Remove from the fire before they’re completely cooked (i.e. still a bit runny) because they’ll continue to cook for a while after they’re off the heat – overcooked scrambles eggs are not amazing
  • Add any herbs you want. Sometimes I put rosemary, sometimes thyme and sometimes even basil…experiment!


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