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Travelling around Spain

Fire-Crazed Catalunyians

not for the faint hearted

Butterfly Bonanza!

I am quite lucky…

Our Insect Hotel

so many critters!

The snails

my favourite photo of the day!

The Delta’s Beach

We’re going to come back here for sure!

The Swimming Pool?

I tried to jump in but….


There were quite a few!

A Walk in the Delta of the Llobregat

The first post about a very interesting day!

Abandoned Giant Flowers

I don’t usually post photos of myself, but here are some!

They’re here! 

finally 🙂

The First 3D-printed Bridge

the first in the world!

San Lorenzo

the inside

San Lorenzo

The Outside

Palacio Longoria – the patio

Because every Spanish house must have a patio

Palacio Longoria – the most beautiful thing

I need this in my house.

Palacio Longoria – the stairwell

Why I went

Palacio Longoria – finally, after three years…

…I managed to see it.

Throwback Thursday…

…to when we had dinner with Franco.

Random Houses of Cuenca

Some extras I had


The cathedral is in this post. Just saying.