The Delta’s Beach

When we went to the Delta del Llobregat, in Barcelona, Spain, it was during a World Environment Day event. We were taken in a small group to the beach where the river meets the sea with two guides that showed us the different kinds of shells and sea creatures that you could find. Normal touristy beaches are cleaned every morning and seeing so many shells was extremely comforting. Finally, a natural beach!

Read more about our day here.

Delta del Llobregat
The beach is publicly accessible and not technically part of the park, but it isn’t cleaned either and there are no obnoxious bars
Delta del Llobregat
Cuttlefish eggs! Most probably taken to shore accidentally after a storm. I tried opening a few (they were doomed) but only gelatinous goo slipped out….no baby cuttlefish
Delta del Llobregat
so many shells!
Delta del Llobregat
We also learnt that these molluscs don’t have an up and a down but a left and a right, and that it’s really easy to tell which side is which
Delta del Llobregat
The Llobregat, seeping into the Mediterranean

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