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Hermit Time

This one had the most beautiful shell

Hermit Time

I think I love hermit crabs!

Hermit Time

this one was more shy than the last

Hermit Time

Tiny little critters

Fire-Crazed Catalunyians

not for the faint hearted

Orchid Madness

Singapore’s National Flower

Orchid Madness

Number 29

Orchid Madness

Number 28

Butterfly Bonanza!

I am quite lucky…

Our Insect Hotel

so many critters!


in black and white

Orchid Madness

Number 26

The snails

my favourite photo of the day!

The Delta’s Beach

We’re going to come back here for sure!

The Swimming Pool?

I tried to jump in but….


There were quite a few!

Orchid Madness

Number 25

A Walk in the Delta of the Llobregat

The first post about a very interesting day!

Tübingen’s Windows

yet another thing I am obsessed with…

Orchid Madness

Number 24