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Tübingen’s Windows

yet another thing I am obsessed with…


in black and white

A Walk in the Woods (Stockholm edition)

A beaver and a woman walking her pet … which was not the pet I was expecting to see!


in black and white

Boat Tour (Part II)

This is the one with the giraffe

Boat Tour (part I)

Part II will be online next week!

The Vertical Houses of Cuenca

look up!

Looking for the Houses

I saw some beautiful things on my way there

The Colourful Houses of Cuenca

Why aren’t these in any magazine?

Looking at it again…

…I really like this photo. Do you?


and then stopping

The eyes of Tangiers

It’s always worth looking up

Rumbo al Norte – Day 7

A city I would live in

Rumbo al Norte – Day 1

Very cute and Portuguese!