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Looking at it again…

…I really like this photo. Do you?

Loading Bikes

on a bus

The Boss

Just chillin’

Little cars

mini tiny and cute!

Our taxi

We winged it

Fast and Furious

Zoom zoom

On the boardwalk

Pink and yellow

Fixing the motor

I love sidecars

The Water Truck

Amazing country

Hemingway’s car?

Hemingway again

My favourite of them all

The last photos before our close encounter with a criminal in Havana


Look up. Always look up.


usually comes in bright colours

Passing colour

A feast for the eyes


and then stopping

Green cocktails

I wish I had had a mojito with Federico Garcia Lorca in Havana. I do.

Habana Market

… and some tips for the traveller.

Sunset on the Malecón

One of the most beautiful place in Havana


Habana is…

Hemingway’s house

A very pleasant surprise in Habana