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Macro Micro Shells

three of my favourite!

Tübingen’s Epplehaus

Street art at its best

Tübingen’s City Castle

My first post about Tübingen!


in black and white

Christmas ads

I couldn’t find a post like this on the internet. So I made one.

The Boss

Just chillin’

Our taxi

We winged it

Tangiers Doors

Some of my favourite shots of Tangiers

My favourite (yes, another one)

This time, we start our adventure in Norway…

The Man On The Carpet and The Missed Holiday

Some personal thoughts

Rumbo al Norte – Day 6: Oviedo

Rainy and still colourful!

A Storm A-Brewing

Just before we rushed back to our rooms!

We’re going to Greece!

We’re going to Greece!  (was the repetition necessary? Yes it was) I’ve never been and have been considering it for a while. However family trips are usually aimed further away and personal trips are usually aimed at cheaper locations with some kind of support… Continue Reading “We’re going to Greece!”

… We met The Jellyfish(er)Man

So last weekend we went to Valencia. We spent the first day in the city, which was unexpectedly beautiful; I am very, very critical of cities so I surprised myself in loving it. ((A teacher recently reminded me that “to love” is not a… Continue Reading “… We met The Jellyfish(er)Man”