The Man On The Carpet and The Missed Holiday

We had a trip planned to Egypt in December last year.

The day after we bought the tickets, a group of Mexican tourists were mistakenly killed while travelling in the desert.

Then, a Russian plane crashed – an explosive device was thought to be on board.

Tourists were stranded in hotels and couldn’t get back home.

I had recently read this book, and was not having very positive vibes about the whole trip.

Apart from feeling uneasy, we both didn’t want to spend ten days knowing that our families would be fretting and worrying and listening to the news compulsively.

So we didn’t go. We went on a road trip to the north of Spain. And I think we did well not to go…also considered the bomb in the night club that exploded the same day we were meant to arrive in Cairo. But I do wish we could have gone. Egypt is one of the most interesting countries of Northern Africa, and Boyfriend still hasn’t seen the pyramids!

01:27 the man with the carpet
One of my favourite photos from our last trip to Egypt, a long long time ago..

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