We’re going to Greece!

We’re going to Greece! 
(was the repetition necessary? Yes it was)

I’ve never been and have been considering it for a while. However family trips are usually aimed further away and personal trips are usually aimed at cheaper locations with some kind of support (a person who lives there and will provide accommodation, some special offer that we found.. ).. This year I worked all summer (YES! All summer! In scorching hot Madrid!) and we decided to go somewhere at the end of September. Well, wouldn’t you know… Greece is real cheap this time of year!
So, hoping for warm weather, we’re off. This is what I’m expecting:


blue rooftops, crystal clear calm (no waves please) warm jellyfish-less water, light tasty food, strong weather-challenged red wine, singing greeks (ok, MammaMia and My BFG wedding definitely left something in my mind) (Oh! Just noticed… “BFG” is for “Big Fat Greek” not “Big Friendly Giant”! Hello Roald Dahl!), soft red black or white sand and few stones, a volcano (extinct, submerged or not), donkeys, cliffs, blue skies, white houses, friendly neighbours. Anything missing? Ah, maybe a mandolin or two. Oh, and a handful of tortoises of course! Hey, I’m not asking for much, right!? I’ll let you know what I really found..when we return.


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