Awed by pop-up art

The other day we were walking around Madrid with no clear aim and we stumbled (as very often happens) on this shop. A whole bookshop practically completely dedicated to pop-up books. We walked in and a very very friendly man showed us around, opening books we seemed to be interested in, offering candy, coaxing us into looking at all the books… I felt as if I had suddenly gone into a different, fairy-like land and this was…well, the keeper, I guess. There were an incredibly large amount of gorgeous (and sometimes scary!) pop-up books, but also normal picture books for all ages. I looked for a work of art pop-up book I gave a friend last year but the owner didn’t have it. I found “Pierino Porcospino“, a book, which probably needs a post unto itself, that was read to me when I was young and sometimes still gives me nightmares (but certainly got shivers running down my spine when I saw it, and read it, in the bookshop).

We went around the tiny bookshop once, twice, three times. Every lap we did we found new books, new colours, new incredible pop-ups. The owner is somewhat an artist himself and his cut-out paintings were on the walls. One, “Bonsai”, was particularly impressive: a white background with a tiny cut out tree (white, also) on the bottom and the word “bonsai” floating in the air above it.

My boyfriend was in the right mood and asked me if I’d like something. I spent the following half an hour trying to find “the right book”. With some degree of certainty (decisions aren’t my strong point) I settled for this one, but it was a very, very difficult choice and I think another one will be coming my way for Christmas. At least… I hope it will!

Here are my two favourite pages of the book “Oceano” by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud, and the cover. Beautiful and naturalistically-inclined, I didn’t take it home. It followed me.




So many things to find!

And then the other day I was looking through my newsfeed and found an article on Intelligent Life that featured this incredible lady. Just…. There are no words to describe her work. it’s amazing. Incredible. I’m simply… awed.

4 Comments on “Awed by pop-up art

  1. What an amazing book! I’ll have to look for this one to add to my bookshelves. Your blog is fab! 🙂


    • Thank you for the compliments (always welcome!)! I’m happy you like the blog, I’m trying to keep posting stuff 🙂 Let me know how your collection goes!
      Un bacio


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