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Sense8, Witches and Spanish Artists

I was watching a series, and I discovered a painter.

Spider Web in the Fog

this is the last one and if you look closely you can see all the others, too 😉

Spider Web in the Fog

you can actually see the fog!

Doodling Pandas

and an Easter Penguin!

Little iron flowers

the last post about this lovely little shop in Milan

Spider Web in the Fog

on a leaf

Iron vegetables and my favourite photo of the day

Check it out 😉

Macro Micro Shells

and one piece of coral!

Pink Iron Flowers in Milan

I think I really want one of these…


Iron flowers are surprisingly stunning

Spider Webs in the Fog

A single string of beauty

Unfocused ants

modern photography

Spider Webs in the Fog


Tübingen’s Epplehaus

Street art at its best

They’re here! 

finally 🙂

Happy Easter!

Here’s a video to make it happier!


Art and Flowers

The Eye

pretty beautiful really

Street Poetry

Beauty in one of its oldest forms

San Lorenzo

The Outside