Sense8, Witches and Spanish Artists

We’ve just started watching Sense8, a Netflix series that constantly reminds me of Lost. Yesterday, exhausted after a long, mind-numbing week, we watched three episodes. And in one, there was a fascinating painting framed behind a secondary character. This is the scene:


So we stopped the episode and I searched: “sense8 wolfgang uncle painting” on google and….found it!

sidenote: I have fallen in love with google all over again. Not only did I find the answer to my question immediately, but I also found everything there is to know about the author and a high-res image of the painting. Love. 

It’s by a Spanish 19th century painter called Luis Ricardo Falero who painted mainly female nudes in mythological, fantasy and oriental settings. He also died at 45, after losing a legal battle with his model/housemaid, Maud Harvey, who was dismissed after he discovered that she was pregnant with his child.

But his art is great!

Here is the painting, called Witches on the Sabbath. I recommend looking at his other oil paintings, because they’re definitely worth ten minutes of your time. Happy Weekend to all!

Vision de Faust

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