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Spider Webs in the Fog


Tübingen’s river

a must-see in Tübingen

Little Butterfly!

look how cute it is!

Orchid Madness

Number 18

Orchid Madness

Number 12

Orchid Madness

Number 9


this is how it will be

The Purple Iris


Water Lilies for the Spirit

I needed some of these today

Up close and personal with a sea urchin

What’s not to love?

To eat with your eyes (an Italian saying)

Yellow kiwis and red strawberries.

Wiry Wonderful Wisteria

Two wisteria-covered walls

Pretty Powerful Peonies

Choosing the photos to publish was tough!

Tulip Tuesday – friendly

By total chance, in one corner of the garden all the flowers were the same colour. I liked the stability that repetition brings, and tried to take a photo of them in their group. Sometimes flowers are beautiful when they are unique – these… Continue Reading “Tulip Tuesday – friendly”

Pastel quotes

These may not be to trash after all

Tulip Tuesday – bold

It’s now a thing.

More Autumn, more leaves

A while ago, in Oslo, I saw this tree. Too amazing not to take photos of!