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Tulip Tuesday – decadent

I use the word decadent to describe many things. Lisbon, for example. The Moulin Rouge. Drinking hot chocolate. Painting still lives. Selling poetry on the streets. And these tulips. Their faded tones, from a strong amber in the central vein to a dominating rusty… Continue Reading “Tulip Tuesday – decadent”

Tulip Tuesday – shameless

Then there was this one. A rich, block red tulip that shot out between all the others, already past its prime but still proud and defying, glaring its colour at everyone and daring them to comment on the lack of stripes 😉

Tulip Tuesday – mad

When I saw these tulips I thought of the Mad Hatter. Nearly hypnotic, isn’t it?

Tulip Tuesday – romantic

These tulips are truly romantic. I looked it up, and this shade of pink is called cherry. Rightly so.  

Tulip Tuesday – classic

This tulip was a soft pink with white fringes. Not spectacular but pretty in its own quiet way.

Tulip Tuesday – friendly

By total chance, in one corner of the garden all the flowers were the same colour. I liked the stability that repetition brings, and tried to take a photo of them in their group. Sometimes flowers are beautiful when they are unique – these… Continue Reading “Tulip Tuesday – friendly”

Tulip Tuesday – unique

Have you ever seen a black tulip? I hadn’t, until these popped out of my mother’s garden in Oslo. Their colour was so thick and deep and rich that I still don’t think these two photos show the exact shade of purpley-black, but they… Continue Reading “Tulip Tuesday – unique”

Tulip Tuesday – bold

It’s now a thing.