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…flowers are the best

A Boxful of Daisies

daisies daisies everywhere!

Remembering summer and all things coloured

I miss the foliage.

Tulip Tuesday – shameless

Then there was this one. A rich, block red tulip that shot out between all the others, already past its prime but still proud and defying, glaring its colour at everyone and daring them to comment on the lack of stripes 😉

Tulip Tuesday – mad

When I saw these tulips I thought of the Mad Hatter. Nearly hypnotic, isn’t it?


As you might have noticed, it’s officially Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Well, at least in Europe, I’m not sure about everyone else. On Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens of Madrid and it was beautiful. The flowers (yes, there were flowers), the… Continue Reading “Leaves”