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Pinup Marghe

An experience that everyone should try 😉

The First 3D-printed Bridge

the first in the world!

Snow in Madrid

Friday was an important day

San Lorenzo

the inside

San Lorenzo

The Outside


His owner did say: “pelota si, cepillo no” 😀


Westies are great!

Panchi and Lua

Not only are they adorable…they’re up for adoption, too!

My 2016 Thanksgivings

There were three. In three different countries, too!

Palacio Longoria – the patio

Because every Spanish house must have a patio

Palacio Longoria – the most beautiful thing

I need this in my house.

Palacio Longoria – the stairwell

Why I went

Palacio Longoria – finally, after three years…

…I managed to see it.


(no, not that one)

Another first time

I’ll let you know how it goes!

A spy among us

it was me

Right now

My first gardening break!

Right now

I am sitting on a bench. One of many on a central street in Madrid. I love finding benches, and am a strong supporter of the fact that there should be more. It’s late evening on a Friday, and the sky is a brilliant… Continue Reading “Right now”

Painting Sunflowers

Something I created recently

Finally Fall

…and winter is just around the corner