Right now

You don’t know this, but we moved.

Yep. We packed all our stuff in (many many many) boxes and last weekend, the first of May, we changed house.

It’s 30km from Madrid, it’s gigantic and it has the hugest garden! (Which is basically why we moved. Why I moved)

And today, exactly one week and two days after the move, I took my lunch break and invested it in gardening.

First, I weeded. And discovered that I’m quite the dedicated weeder!

The huge bag of weeds I uprooted. Very proud.
The rosemary, thyme and something else (the grey one, not too sure what it is but it’s definitely an aromatic herb) and now nearly completely free of weeds

Then, I planted. A lime tree (because mojitos), a cosmos plant (because it’s my favourite plant) and a basil plant (because I’m Italian).

My new lime plant. I hope it flowers, then gives us fruit and then survives the winter! (in the background, the cosmos plant)
beautiful! It’s been my favourite flower since I first saw it in Eritrea
Basil. This was the largest of the three plants…. I hope it survives the snails!

Then, I repotted. Some plants didn’t seem big enough to face the garden yet, and some just need repotting and can’t be put in the garden. I also recovered some papyrus plants that I had to uproot, because they were blocking one of the sprinklers.

garden potting plants aromatic
From the aloe (the star-shaped one) in the top left, clockwise: Aloe (duh), Italian basil (the large leaves), manjericão (the Portuguese basil, with microscopic leaves), six vases of recovered papyrus (I honestly didn’t have the courage to throw them!). The two small pots on the right under the papyrus are my new surprise strawberry plant (see text below) and the one with a snail is a succulent that started growing in the snail and now is there to stay. Last but not least, in the bottom left corner is erba luigia (see text below). So exciting!

For more info on Erba Luigia, see here.

Oh, and in that teeny vase on the right that looks empty is my little new strawberry plant, that sprouted from a strawberry!

The strawberry plant that sprouted all on its own in the fridge now has its vase. I hope it’ll survive!

And that’s what I just finished doing. And it’s started raining again, but now that Boyfriend discovered how the heating works, that’s less of a problem 😉

2 Comments on “Right now

  1. Evviva la nuova casa e il super giardino! (Che invidia!) se non sbaglio la pianta vicino al rosmarino è Santolina, dovrebbe fare dei fiori gialli molto carini. Continua a far foto del giardino che sono curiosa e in questo periodo sono particolarmente fissata con la coltivazione 😉


    • oooooh siiii Santolina! Cotton-lavender, apparentemente! Grazie mille 🙂 E si, non mancherò di fare tante altre foto! Grazie grazie


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