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Mini Terrarium Makeover

I do love terrariums!

Swooping Swallows

beautiful visitors

Right now

My first gardening break!

A tea fit for Princesses

and perfect for every occasion

The shyness of berries

Strawberries Blackberries Blueberry Raspberries and now these berries all have something in common.

A forest jar

We went for a walk in the woods and found ourselves surrounded.

An invisible flower

I have no idea what plant this is…can someone help!?

Our very own Mystery Plant

Definitely worth the wait!

Saving Private Beetle

In retrospect, I think the saving was mutual.

Harvey the Larvey

The other day I looked at my beautiful sunflower and my eyes zero-ed in to what appeared to be – on no, it totally WAS a larva. A disgusting, tiny, hairy, creepy crawling larva on my beautiful sunflower! Yikes! I think I actually “yiked”… Continue Reading “Harvey the Larvey”

Flowering succulent

The flowering of an adopted plant that holds so many memories

Feeding Madrid’s insects

A Xylocopa sp. on our lavender. We have a very narrow windowsill but still managed to plant a handful of aromatic plants…and we are not the only ones that are enjoying them!

Orchids. Surprisingly simple.

Every time someone comes over to my mother’s or my house, they look at our orchids, amazed. We have dozens of them, nearly all gifts, untidily arranged on window sills. Some are heavy with their second or third (or more, who remembers?) bloom; others… Continue Reading “Orchids. Surprisingly simple.”


I do it all the time. Especially because I’m rarely in the same place more than three months. I do it every time I move and go to somewhere “new”, even though the somewhere “new” is a house I’ve been to and/or lived in… Continue Reading “Nesting”