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We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver

Another great read

Spaghetti Weekend

One day in the far far west. In the south of Spain.

Harvey the Larvey

The other day I looked at my beautiful sunflower and my eyes zero-ed in to what appeared to be – on no, it totally WAS a larva. A disgusting, tiny, hairy, creepy crawling larva on my beautiful sunflower! Yikes! I think I actually “yiked”… Continue Reading “Harvey the Larvey”

Life of Pi

I’ve decided to start a new section fo my blog, and it’s going to be called “Reading, Read, Read”. No worries, I will try my best not to give anything away (the large red sign “SPOILER ALERT” will not be necessary). This is my… Continue Reading “Life of Pi”