Life of Pi

I’ve decided to start a new section fo my blog, and it’s going to be called “Reading, Read, Read”. No worries, I will try my best not to give anything away (the large red sign “SPOILER ALERT” will not be necessary).

This is my favourite book so I thought I’d put it as the first entry.

I read Life of Pi quite a few years ago (maybe seven?) and it stuck. Being an Ethologist I was naturally enticed by the scientific integrity of the novel, that includes descriptions of surreal (and some highly improbable) situations so rich with data and sound explanations that they are bound to make even the most pretentious Naturalist smile and wonder if they could, maybe, come to be. I loved the ending and re-read the book several times. When the film came out I was nervous – everyone knows that films are usually much worse than the book they are inspired by – but was trusting in the fact that the author, Yann Martel, had cooperated with the director, Ang Lee. I was rewarded for my trust: the film is a feast for the eyes and a prize for the book’s fans. A must see after you read the book. I also read other books by Yann Martel but I guess I should write about them in separate posts.

Life of Pie by Madkobra and Che Munoz
Life of Pie by Madkobra and Che Munoz

This design I found on one of my favourite webstores, Threadless. It is by Madkobra and Che Munoz.

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