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Spider Web in the Fog

the perfect web!

Spider Web in the Fog

you can actually see the fog!

Spider Webs in the Fog

A single string of beauty

Butterfly Bonanza!

I am quite lucky…

Our Insect Hotel

so many critters!


There were quite a few!

Unfocused ants

modern photography

Spider Webs in the Fog


2 is company, 100,000 is a crowd

so so many!

Ant Attack!

which is pretty scary for a Jumanji-scarred girl

Little Butterfly!

look how cute it is!

Night Mass

and someone is here, praying

Dancing Butterflies

and I even managed to take some photos 🙂


Sleepy sleepy

But first, let me take a macro!

I had to work on my nerves to get close to this one!

The unsatisfying moth

Well, the photos are unsatisfying. The poor moth itself was fine 😉

Butterfly day

this was my day in a nut shell


in my house!


in my iris

The Bougainvillea and the Bumblebee