((Here you can find the previous posts on these gorgeous irises that I photographed.))

While I was taking photos of this purple iris, something moved. Inside the flower. And out strolled a little beetle, covered in pollen and evidently very proud of himself.

A year ago I was having lunch with two Spanish friends of mine. When I peeled my orange I noticed that it was being eaten….from the inside out. By worms of some kind. I cannot stand worms. Larvae, to be more specific. They make me feel physically sick (even just writing about them now!). One of my friends asked me what was wrong, and, not knowing the word for “worm” in spanish, I simply passed her the orange and she went “Oh! Hay visitantes!” which literally means “Oh! There are visitors!”

I thought this was more than cute. And now, whenever I have the chance, I use this spanish word instead of a more icky one.






When he finally noticed I was there, he did what most beetles do: pretended he was dead and suddenly dropped waaay way down, off the table and under the chair.


Of course I picked him up and took him back outside. Thank you, little visitante!

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