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The Moth

It stuck around long enough for a short photo shoot

Macro Bug

A little bug on a rosemary plant

The web

Just like the social ones, it tends to gather a lot of trash.

Saving Private Beetle

In retrospect, I think the saving was mutual.

Macro blossoms…and some visitors.

Some photos I took during the cherry bloom with my Macro lens

A smelly but friendly bug

Some shots of a cooperative insect

City slickers

Escaping from the city for the day

It’s Spring here…

…is it Spring there, too?

Harvey the Larvey

The other day I looked at my beautiful sunflower and my eyes zero-ed in to what appeared to be – on no, it totally WAS a larva. A disgusting, tiny, hairy, creepy crawling larva on my beautiful sunflower! Yikes! I think I actually “yiked”… Continue Reading “Harvey the Larvey”

Feeding Madrid’s insects

A Xylocopa sp. on our lavender. We have a very narrow windowsill but still managed to plant a handful of aromatic plants…and we are not the only ones that are enjoying them!