Macro blossoms…and some visitors.

Remember that time we skipped the city to see cherry trees in flower? Well, ok, it was last week and I published a post about it yesterday, but … who knows, if your memory is as short as mine, you might need some help!

Anyway, when we stopped to have our picnic – a smart idea, as it turns out, because all bars and restaurants were completely full and some had even run out of food (!) – I got out my macro lens and tried to take some photos of the flowers. I took loads, but a sit happens all cherry flowers look the same. And taking a photo of the bees and other pollinators was virtually impossible: they flew around at fifty zillion miles per hour and by the time I found one, carefully stepped closer, tried to inch the lens as close as possible and focus, they were on their way to another flower. Arg!

Here’s what I managed.











3 Comments on “Macro blossoms…and some visitors.

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