Tagliolini al limone in crosta

When I went home to Rome, one evening my mother said she’d make me tagliolini al limone in crosta. Lemon tagliolini pie. Sounded interesting. So I whipped out my camera and thought I’d give you the recipe.

Aren’t I the kind-hearted human?

DSC_3154 copy
another thing that’s missing from this photo is the parmesan! Grated parmesan is essential.

Put a pot on the stove with some salted water and wait for it to boil. In the meantime…

…zest a lemon with the amazing lemon-zester that your mother owns
Add the ricotta, parmesan, salt and pepper.

My mother uses ricotta with a little bit of milk instead of heavy cream. 200gr of heavy cream can be a good (albeit not too healthy) alternative to ricotta and milk, if ricotta is hard to find wherever you are.

Add a tablespoon of milk.
Mix to make a thick paste
By now your water will most probably have boiled. Add the tagliolini. Now, what you must do is ignore the cooking time on the bag and leave the pasta in the water for about 1 or 2 minutes – it will cook more in the oven and you don’t want mushy pasta!

If you decide to make your own tagliolini, an even shorter cooking time will be fine.

In these 2mins, you have time to grease a pan
Spread the puff pastry and puncture it with a fork. Try to keep some to cover the pie.


Strain the tagliolini and put them in the bowl with the cheesy lemon paste
delicately mix the pasta (it will be a bit fragile and still crunchy)
Put the pasta in the pastry crust
Spread it out in the shell

Now cover the pie with the leftover puff pastry

DSC_3185DSC_3186 DSC_3187

and make little slits with a pair of scissors
Et voila! You’re done! Now put this baby in the oven for about 20mins at 180C

while you wait, you can:

DSC_3194 copy

DSC_3200 copy

DSC_3195 copy

DSC_3204 copy

And we’re done! It’s now ready: a crunchy and delicious lemon tagliolini pie!

Looking good





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