City slickers

I was in Italy last weekend, visiting my parents in Ravenna, to be precise. On Saturday we decided to go see our rented country house, hoping the tenants weren’t there. We were lucky, and didn’t meet them.

It was a typical Spring day, with heavy grey clouds hanging close to the trees but frequent slashes of sunshine lighting up the dozens of flowers that dotted the countryside. Photos were difficult to take (personally, I suck at taking photos when there are clouds overhead) but they’re still worth the post.

My favourite moment was when we drove by a private garden that was so full of daisies we had to stop. The smell of wet flowers was overwhelming. I loved it. A humungous well was the garden’s centrepiece and two brown hens foraged in the floral snow – incredibly bucolic.

On the way – bucolic and breath taking
Lilac flowers with a little guest
At the house – our sloping orchard
Many many years ago, I gave my grandfather a pear tree for Christmas. He loved it (or at least, that’s what he made me believe), planted it and the little tree has flourished since then, giving us large green pears every year. I think this is the same tree, in flower.
Our house, otherwise known as “Il Poggio”. Dominating the front garden is a mulberry tree whose berries are my favourite.
A random bug
Daisies up close!

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