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Spider Web in the Fog

this is the last one and if you look closely you can see all the others, too 😉

Spider Web in the Fog

the perfect web!

Spider Web in the Fog

you can actually see the fog!

Spider Web in the Fog

on a leaf

Rumbo al Norte – Day 6: Oviedo

Rainy and still colourful!

City slickers

Escaping from the city for the day

Dead Dahlia

Yet another outing at the Jardin Botanico


Warm colours seem to be recurrent in Spanish cities. Santander is an orange city with a darker terra di Siena background. When I arrived it was drizzling; chirimiri is the name for it up here – an ethereal layer of wetness that covers everything with… Continue Reading “Santander”


It’s Spring in Spain. It’s been Spring for quite a while, but when last week after two looong weeks of rain, the sun came out and temperatures shot up to 27^C, everyone I know suddenly was on the same theme as every year, saying… Continue Reading “Spring”