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‘Tis the season…

…to be Colourful!

Apple Fritters

I have never written so little 😀

Halloween Zombie Bunny Biscuits

…and they’re delicious!

Frozen smoothie

Right here, right now

Improvised Strawberry Birthday Cake

This was the easiest cake ever.

Lisette’s No Bake Cheesecake

And I don’t even like cheesecake. Except this one. This one, I like.


Nothing had prepared me for how simple and tasty this no-cook coulis would be

Pimping up my biscuits – Part II

Ops, I did it again 😉

Candied Orange Peel – recipe mashup

No, I don’t like them. But yes, they came out perfectly.

Pimping up my biscuits

What to do when the biscuits you bought bore you

Lusty breakfast

Let he that is with sin among you, eat the first bite.

Strawberry pear pie

So simple that one photo is more than enough.

Paula’s traditional Lithuanian apple cake

This recipe is not mine, but I loved it so much I had to share!

To eat with your eyes (an Italian saying)

Yellow kiwis and red strawberries.

As easy as pie

When I was asked to make a Pecan pie, I hesitated…then thought I’d try. And I found out that it’s much easier than I thought!!

Mango sorbet

One of the easiest recipes yet!


It’s Spring in Spain. It’s been Spring for quite a while, but when last week after two looong weeks of rain, the sun came out and temperatures shot up to 27^C, everyone I know suddenly was on the same theme as every year, saying… Continue Reading “Spring”

Easy and quick

Sometimes, it’s the best way. The other evening I spent about an hour preparing farofias, a thick, sweet, luxurious Portuguese dessert of which a post will be published as soon as I get the photos. I yearned for farofias ever since I discovered them around the end of my year… Continue Reading “Easy and quick”

Little pockets of happiness

Sometimes everything seems to go wrong. And then the cupcakes you make for Valentine’s day come out right. And you make the yummiest duck breast-pear-pine nut salad. And you paint the otter you’ve been wanting to paint for as long as you can remember.… Continue Reading “Little pockets of happiness”