As easy as pie

So a few weeks ago I was invited to a Thanksgiving pot luck dinner and a pecan pie was requested. I looked for recipes and realised that they all called for corn syrup an ingredient that, even if I managed to find here in Madrid, would probably have been expensive and useless apart from the pecan pie making process.

I finally found a recipe that instead of corn syrup used ingredients that I could find – namely sugar, sugar and ..sugar! I found the recipe here and, after reading all the comments, decided to make it. With some tiny little tweaks that were for the best, it seems!

Here are the ingredients

the ingredients

And a pie pastry shell, of course. This time I was lazy and bought one from the store.

The oven must be at 160C.

What I then decided to do was, as someone had commented, melt the butter with the sugar and stir, stir, stir.

The batter

As soon as the butter was melted (not HOT, just barely melted on a low fire) I added the sugar and, off the fire, stirred. For a while. When it became a bit cooler I added the vanilla, the salt, the flour and the milk. As soon as it was cool enough for Boyfriend to keep his finger in it and not feel uncomfortable 🙂 I added the two eggs, quickly poured the batter in the pie and as quickly popped the pie in the oven ..


.. et voilà! 55mins later, more or less, out came the perfectly crunchy on top and gooey inside pecan pie!

The pie is done when it’s gooey only in the middle and starting to harden around the edges. 55 mins was about right both times I made it.



This is my second pecan pie, and since the pecans were leftover from the first one I didn’t really have any pretty ones to do the nice decoration with halves on top. However the first one had come out fine: unlike some comments on the original recipe that say that the halves sink, I didn’t find that this happened to me.

It’s easy, good and makes a great impression on guests or hosts!

One Comment on “As easy as pie

  1. Welcome to life as an american expat. We spend so much time looking for replacements for things like corn syrup (be glad it didn’t call for both light and dark corn syrup), graham crackers, etc.


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