Pimping up my biscuits

Here in Spain, some biscuits are exciting. Some are normal. Some are imported. And some are boring, tasteless and generally useless.

I bought four packs of those, because they were cheap and they were…cheap, basically. Then I took them home, and I had a few with my tea. And as I munched on the depressingness made biscuit, I thought about how the word biscuit is used in the US to describe something resembling a scone, and the word cookie describes both cookies and biscuits as we know them here in Europe. Which makes everything more confusing. Then I thought about how what I was eating was neither biscuit nor cookie but simply inedible. I put them back in their tin box and forgot the whole thing.

Until the next day.

Tea time.

Something had to be done.

the offending party
the saviour
I melted the chocolate with some butter and spread it over the sad biscuits.
And then added some sprinkles. For crunch, you know. And colour. And luuuuv ❤
Et voila! A slightly blurry photo for a redeemed batch of biscuits!

Fast, easy and cute. What more can you ask for!?

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