Garlic infused oil

I really like the taste of garlic, but here in Spain many recipes call for a lot of garlic, and this had proven to be a bit too much for me. In Italy what usually happens is that garlic is added to sauces, left to cook with them and then removed. But here? Here it’s grated into dishes, sprinkled over or, even worse, blended with the ingredients.

So this is what I’ve started doing: making garlic infused oil. All you have to do is chop up some fresh garlic (don’t use garlic that is starting to smell like mould because the smell will increase tenfold), drop it in a jar, cover it with extra virgin olive oil and let it infuse. Yes, I know you could heat the garlic in the oil and then let it cool, but this is the fast an easy version. Of course, you can add some herbs (rosemary, thyme..) but I never know what recipe I’m going to use this oil in so I’d rather add the right herbs to the right recipe rather than have a rosemary infused oil for a fish dish or five jars, each with different herbs.

Leave the jar at least 24 hours before using it.


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