When there are no anchovies at home

A few weeks back I told you about one of my favourite sauces with anchovies, caper berries and cherry tomatoes (see the recipe here)

The other day I went to make it. I walked into the pantry (yes, we have a pantry now) and looked for anchovies. Long story short – there were none. But it was too late – my stomach craved fishy saltiness and my stomach always gets what it wants.

So I rummaged around and found canned clams.

Photos were taken with my mobile phone!

Get a non-stick pan. Add some olive oil and garlic, or garlic infused olive oil. Pour in the clams, and let them sizzle. Cut your cherry tomatoes in half and put them, sliced side down, to lose their water.


When everything is hot and steamy, add a few splashes of fish sauce. Fish sauce is essential. Don’t have fish sauce? Buy it.


mmmmmh spaghetti….

Your sauce is ready when the cherry tomatoes are cooked but not disintegrated. Throw some parsley on there.


Done! Strain the spaghetti quickly and not too well – you’ll need the cooking water to sauté the pasta to perfection


Mix and serve. Tasty and satisfying!

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