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Salmon made easy, with 4 different sides!

So light and summery and beautiful!

Octopus Quinoa

It’s great even served cold on a hot day at the beach!

Seafood Bisque

so thick and yummy!

Guppies for Sale

saying goodbye is never easy…

The Eye

pretty beautiful really

Koi Carps

The Golden One

Koi Carps


Our Guppies

and they’re quoting famous authors, too

Fish Curry

I am a changed girl

Koi Carps


Koi Carps


Koi Carps


San Francesco

My favourite church in the world

Throwback Thursday…

to a very good fish lunch

Decoupaged tray

I love fish. Apparently.

Sharks in Oman

Shame, Sadness and Loss

The Fish Market

Yes, another one. But this is in a different country!

The port

It might have not been a good idea

Under the fish market

my shirt smelt like fish when we walked out..

The fish market

in Tangiers