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Mini Terrarium Makeover

I do love terrariums!

Photo art

I liked this!

Ship Shadow Box

Improvised and splendid

Decoupaged tray

I love fish. Apparently.


Just sharing something I made

Making nailpolish flowers

Cute cute cute!

Broken glass

I made this. What do you think?

Pimping up my biscuits – Part II

Ops, I did it again 😉

Totoro’s Magic Zen Garden

I made magic today

Mirror mirror on the wall…

who’s the fairest of them all?

My Etsy Shop

Do drop in!

Crafts that make themselves.

I’m definitely going to make more!


Useless but useful at the same time

Ladybird charms

cheap, easy and loved by all

Valentine’s Craft

An easy, personalised gift for any special event

Mirror mirror…

A few years ago I discovered, thanks to my mother, the art of découpage. Then, a while later, I discovered the incredibly cheap IKEA mirrors. And put two and two together. These are the results up to now…what do you think?

Christmas Ornament Swap (Or: In the end, anything is, potentially, an ornament)

Remember the Springtime Swap I participated in? It was actually a spin-off of the more traditional Ornament Swap (if you click the link, you’ll be connected to a google search result page full of “ornament swap” events), which Dawn (see her website!) organised for… Continue Reading “Christmas Ornament Swap (Or: In the end, anything is, potentially, an ornament)”