Christmas Ornament Swap (Or: In the end, anything is, potentially, an ornament)

Remember the Springtime Swap I participated in? It was actually a spin-off of the more traditional Ornament Swap (if you click the link, you’ll be connected to a google search result page full of “ornament swap” events), which Dawn (see her website!) organised for the second time this year and.. SURPRISE! I participated!

I google-image-shopped for a while before deciding what to do. I saw cute pasta ornaments,

Not my photo 🙂 It’s taken from the link above

some artsy lightbulb crafts,

Still not my photo, again taken from the link above

and some very complicated stuff that I probably would never have managed. Or bothered to do.

CLX120110_051 CLX
Okay, maybe a bit too much…

Then, I stumbled on Martha Stewart’s sea urchin ornament.

Martha’s ornament. Did she do it herself? Will we ever know?

And I thought: AHA! This I can do. Ah Martha, as always, inspiring. So I went to get one of the sea urchins boyfriend had brought me back from a trip, once,

This is an old photo, taken at a friend’s house a few years ago. But it gives the idea 😉

and then I also gathered some string, beads and shiny florist’s paper (for wrapping flowers in) which I had kept (you never know) and proceeded to cut up in strips. I painted the urchin and then added glitter (glitter! glitter! I am a glitter fan!) and this is the end result! What do you think?

The cut-in-strips florist’s paper didn’t have the desired flowing effect, but was a bit stiff. However probably on a tree it would/will look better. I hope 🙂
The bead under the urchin is snugly nestled in the mouth of the animal, keeping the ornament from twisting and slipping down
I also made a card/ornament, which came out quite nicely, too.
Ready to ship!

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