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Bloomin’ Candleholders

Light. Flowers. Colour. What more could you want?

Mr & Mrs

Something I made for my cousin’s wedding last year

Otter totems

Creating creating and creating some more!

Otters otters everywhere!

They’re invading our house!

Ladybird charms

cheap, easy and loved by all

Easter Crafts

A long-term project

A birthday is nothing without…

…these four things. Oh wait, five.

The good thing about taking photos is…

you’re never out of original ideas for cards!

Christmas Ornament Swap (Or: In the end, anything is, potentially, an ornament)

Remember the Springtime Swap I participated in? It was actually a spin-off of the more traditional Ornament Swap (if you click the link, you’ll be connected to a google search result page full of “ornament swap” events), which Dawn (see her website!) organised for… Continue Reading “Christmas Ornament Swap (Or: In the end, anything is, potentially, an ornament)”

Reclaimed Sunday

As I was saying in my previous post, today I unexpectedly found myself with time on my hands. Being a bit less than happy I decide to fix me up with some yummy Sunday lunch. Eggs, bacon, crumpets (crumpets!) ((CRUMPETS!!)) and a nice healthy orange-mandarin-lime… Continue Reading “Reclaimed Sunday”