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Pink Iron Flowers in Milan

I think I really want one of these…

Ship Shadow Box

Improvised and splendid

Bloomin’ Candleholders

Light. Flowers. Colour. What more could you want?

Mr & Mrs

Something I made for my cousin’s wedding last year

Otter totems

Creating creating and creating some more!

A birthday is nothing without…

…these four things. Oh wait, five.

The good thing about taking photos is…

you’re never out of original ideas for cards!

Belated Springtime Swap update!

Well! QUITE a while ago I participated in a marvellous Springtime Swap, or May Day Swap. I didn’t include my gift in the post in which I wrote about it because I didn’t want to ruin the receiver’s surprise, but then… completely forgot! So… Continue Reading “Belated Springtime Swap update!”

Saturday realization N1 (hoping more illuminating Saturdays will come my way)

Today I was sitting in bed, under the duvet. I still am, as it happens. I had a very satisfying day: chores and food-shopping in the morning (the 600gr entrocote steak I bought was my present to myself for my first payday); meeting up… Continue Reading “Saturday realization N1 (hoping more illuminating Saturdays will come my way)”