Otter totems

I’m going to an otter congress. Don’t laugh. It’s a congress for otter specialists, but we call it otter congress. No, otters will not be flying in from the whole world…. HUMANS interested in otters will!

Anyway, I discovered that there was going to be a silent auction and that participants were required to bring something. So I sat down and thought. A few weeks passed, and then, after a long period of thinking, one evening I found myself home, at the table, with a bag of clay.

This is what happened.

First I tried with a standing otter, but that didn’t work. It was too…forced. What came out with the next two pieces was sleeping otters. Much better.
Then I tried with a more “ottery” approach to the sleeping position… Otters are known to sleep in the most inelegant ways!
And then I tried a sea otter mummy with a tiny, tiny little baby. I wasn’t completely satisfied, so I finished my otter-making session.
Two days later when the clay had completely dried (not very difficult here in Madrid), I started painting.
Turns out, otters are extremely easy to paint!
I like them a little more now that they’re painted. Just a little, though.
These three are my favourites!
Here’s one, varnished about to be wrapped up.
All packed in a beautiful little box, made special by my sister’s brilliant Christmas present (the ribbon with “made with love” written on it).
All six in their boxes…. Ready for Rio!

4 Comments on “Otter totems

  1. La mia preferita è la mamma lontra con il lontrino. In ogni caso, they’ll love them all! Bon voyage!


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