Mini Otter Zen Gardens

Remember the otter totems I made?

The idea of an otter zen garden came from my little otter totems because, well, they looked so uncomfortable sleeping like that, with nothing underneath them or around them. I checked on the world wide web (you sometimes forget that that’s its name, don’t you?) and I am proud to say I am the only one who has had this idea.

And, modestly, it’s a supercute idea.

Don’t you think?

You can find these three mini otter zen gardens in my Etsy shop. The links to the shop are attached to the names of the otters below (just click on them – there are more photos!) 🙂 Come pay me a visit – I won’t be able to offer you tea or cookies but I can give you some great ideas for a gift…even to yourself!


Ciro is the largest, stockiest of them all and he is most definitely the alpha male. He’s sleeping as if he’s never slept before and will probably not wake up, even if you poke him with your fingers! He loves to eat and that’s why I included two shells in his little garden.




Ilona is the leanest of the trio. Slim and fit, she seems ready for action any moment…as soon as she wakes up. She’s carefree and relaxed and will transmit the best energy while she snores.





Filomena is tiny and all curled up. She’s sound asleep, finally resting after her grown up cubs have gone to live alone. Peace at last! She’s the smallest of the three and is very responsible and organised. She did raise two beautiful cubs, after all.



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